Self Hypnosis Techniques for Relaxation – A Beginners Guide


If you’ve never tried self hypnosis techniques before it can be quite daunting beginning your first session, so I hope to break down some of those barriers for you in this article.

It will probably benefit those readers who have no experience of self hypnosis techniques if I briefly gave a definition of what self hypnosis actually is. At it’s most basic form self hypnosis is a technique to induce a similar state as when you are day dreaming.

You are in complete control and still aware of your surroundings while wandering off in your thoughts.

Have you ever been on a long journey, normally one that you take regularly with familiar sites along the way and find your mind wandering?

Only to reach your destination and think I can’t remember going past “xyz” when you know you must have, to get to where you are.

That is the state of mind you’ll be in when you first practice self hypnosis.

You’ll be totally aware if the phone rings or there is an emergency. You’ll still be aware that you’re sat at home or wherever you choose to try these self hypnosis techniques… but you will let your mind wander to wherever you want to take it.

That could be a walk along the beach with the waves lapping at your feet or through a forest with the sun shining through the leaves. With self hypnosis you can go where you’ve always dreamed of going or return to a your favourite vacation.

Self Hypnosis Techniques – Quick Start Guide

Here’s my summary of the techniques that I practice for relaxation hypnosis…

Because of the relaxing state you’ll be in, I would recommend you set an alarm to sound in 20 minutes if you do fall asleep.

  • First of all you need to find yourself a quiet room away from distractions.
  • Take some deep breaths.
  • Once you have taken 5 to 10 deep breaths, relax and close your eyes.
  • Now with your eyes closed and still breathing deeply visualize all the muscles in your body relax. Start from the head and move down the body visualizing all the tension leaving the body.
  • Now imagine a staircase. There are 10 steps that lead you to where you want to go, that could be a walk along the beach, through the countryside… wherever you want to go.
  • Each step down makes you more and more relaxed.
  • Once you have reached the bottom step you can spend some time in the place you have chosen to visit. Take the time to look around and imagine what it feels like to be there and how happy you feel.
  • When you’re ready to leave return to the staircase and with each step up, feel yourself becoming more alert and more refreshed.
  • When you reach the top step, open your eyes and feel wide awake.

If you practice these self hypnosis techniques regularly you will feel the benefits in just weeks.


Source by Richard Pargeter

Quit Smoking For Good by Tapering Off – Gradually Decrease the Number of Cigarettes You Smoke


Although many people attempt to quit smoking cold turkey, many others try to quit more gradually by slowly decreasing the number of cigarettes they smoke each day. This is known as tapering off. It has the same result as quitting cold turkey, but it is done at your own pace.

You are in control, and you gauge the speed at which you give up smoking.

Like quitting smoking cold turkey, the tapering off method is free, and it can be done without a prescription drug or any other aid. The fact that it’s a gradual method appeals to many, as it allows more time to adjust to a life without cigarettes both physically and emotionally.

Like quitting smoking cold turkey, tapering off involves picking a quit date. However, in this case, you can set up a schedule for how many cigarettes you will smoke each day prior to your quite date. Follow that schedule, and gradually decrease your cigarette use. Once you reach your quit date, you will hopefully no longer be a smoker.

This method for quitting smoking is based on the idea that it is much easier to slowly wean off smoking than it is to quit abruptly. By gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, you make the withdrawal symptoms less severe and much easier to endure.

The nicotine in cigarettes provides enjoyment to the smoker by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. But nicotine does more than produce feelings of pleasure- it creates an enforces an addiction that causes your brain to punish you when you stop smoking. So as long as you continue smoking and letting nicotine in, the feelings of enjoyment continue. But when that supply of nicotine is severed, you naturally experience irritability, frustrating, anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia, to name a few.

As expected, when the supply of cigarettes is severed all at once, the withdrawal symptoms can get pretty bad – though the intensity of the symptoms varies from person to person. Some people feel more comfortable tapering off to quit smoking, while others can quit cold turkey. Usually more people are more comfortable quitting gradually, allowing the brain to become used to decreased amounts of nicotine.

Generally, this results in relatively milder withdrawal symptoms that continue to decrease in severity until they disappear altogether. The tapering off method also gives the smoker more time to mentally say good-bye to smoking and make the adjustments necessary towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

There’s no special formula for tapering off- the schedule you choose is up to you, and will be based on the number of cigarettes you smoke now on a daily basis. For example, let’s say that you now smoke twenty cigarettes a day or a pack a day. You may want to choose a schedule in which you smoke twenty cigarettes on day one, nineteen on day two, eighteen on day three, seventeen on day four, and so on- decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke by one every day.

The schedule is entirely up to you and how comfortable you are quitting smoking at a particular pace. Maybe you’ll decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke by 1 every other day, every three days, or even every week.

One of the most effective methods you can choose in order to quit smoking for good is the stop smoking shot. Scientists developed the stop smoking shot primarily to lessen the severity of the terrible withdrawal symptoms that keep the majority of smokers from being able to quit.


Source by Albert Yuan Chen

Hypnosis – Eradicating Your Problems With Self-Hypnosis


Self-hypnosis may be among the least appreciated of the self-help tools available today. Although many people imagine hypnosis is only useful to make someone act like a chicken with a the snap of the fingers or perhaps bark like a dog, however both hypnosis and self-hypnosis can be an extremely useful tool in assisting a person to overcome their fears and phobias, give up smoking, or, even eradicate unhealthy stress from their lives

Self-hypnosis recordings can assist you in achieving your self-improvement goals. Properly designed audio recordings can have a significant affect if you do not have the time or the money for lengthy hypnotherapy sessions. In this article I will detail some of the features of self-hypnosis recordings and what they may do to assist you in achieving your goals.

Self-hypnosis can be an incredible instrument for self-improvement. Self-hypnosis can be an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience permitting you to drift down into a pleasant and comfortable trance through self-hypnosis. Properly designed self-hypnosis recordings are dedicated to aiding you to acquire master over both your life and your health. By simply relaxing and letting the self-hypnosis recording guide you towards a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.

Correctly designed self-hypnosis recordings are a simple and easy method to assist in your self-improvement goals by adding you to attain better health through the induction of a trance state. Self-hypnosis recordings should at first be used at least once a day after a couple of weeks this may be reduced to every other day for one week and then once your goal is attained the use of the recording should be gradually tapered off. It is crucial to find a calm quiet relaxing and safe location to listen to your self-hypnosis recording. WARNING self-hypnosis recordings should NEVER be played whilst driving a car or operating machinery.

Pet animals are frequently disturbed by the sight of their owner going into trance therefore it is recommended that they be kept out of the room whilst listening to a self-hypnosis recording. It is also recommended would that you keep the room in which you listen to your self-hypnosis recording semi-dark since this may lead to better trance quality. Try not to work too hard at “getting it just right.” All that is really needed is to keep an open mind and to simply let yourself go in order to enjoy the hypnotic trance state that will develop naturally.

Self-hypnosis recordings can help you to rapidly and simply change all that you desire including the following: self confidence, more money, improve relationships, improve health and well-being, more effective goal setting and achievement, weight loss, improved sleep quality or even break bad habits such as quitting smoking or nail biting.

It is vital to understand that self-hypnosis recordings are just one extremely efficacious aid in your plan to improve yourself successfully. A healthy dietary and exercise program will help to ensure that your self-help results are effective throughout every area of your life. The first thing you should do is to assess the areas in your life you wish to focus upon.


Source by David Regan

How to Give Up Smoking – Why Popsicles Can Help You Quit Smoking Now


For almost twenty years, a part of my daily routine was to smoke cigarettes. When I finally decided to learn how to give up smoking, I was unprepared for the various withdraw symptoms that occurred.

Most smokers are aware of the withdraw from nicotine that will occur, as well as changes that are required in social settings. However, what I was surprised to discover was that the oral fixation addiction was almost as powerful as the nicotine withdraw itself.

As I went through the process of learning how to give up smoking, I of course made a small investment into a stop smoking program that treated the nicotine and exercise portions that are vital to success. However, I could not get over the incredible urge to have something in my mouth or hanging on my lips! I know it sounds strange, but in research, I found this to be a common problem among many people looking to stop smoking.

For a while, I had not idea how to solve this problem, until one day it hit me – popsicles! By sucking on a popsicle several times a day, I could easily satisfy the craving and feeling of have a cigarette between my lips. The wonderful flavors and satisfaction of a popsicle worked like a charm for me. I probably went though 400 popsicles during my quest to stop smoking, however, the cost of keeping these on hand far outweighed the cost of a carton of smokes.

By treating all aspects of the withdraw, from nicotine replacement gum to popsicles for the oral fixation, I was able to quit for good. It has been over a year smoke free now for me. 


Source by Brian A.